Recyclo makes an effort to know what we are serving, where it comes from, support local businesses, and get the best as close as possible. In our city there is a lot of talent, and we want to tell you a bit more about those who find in the Bike-Café a space to show their work to others.


We try our hardest to serve locally sourced food and drinks.

We support local producers, small businesses that roast their own coffee, antibiotic-free fish and meat, always avoiding too much Eco-Corporations.

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Far from wanting to take all the credit, we recognize and appreciate the artists who work hard for us to serve the very best.

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In Recyclo we offer our local designers and our cycling friends a meeting point where they can exchange ideas, and buy or sell some fancy gear.

Comfortable, good quality, stylish wear!

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We love art. Fortunately, we have many very creative friends and neighbors, and offering some space for them to show their work is a must.

We will change shows from time to time, sometimes work will be for sale or you can just make contact directly with the artists. Imagination and creativity must be supported!

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