Hi, welcome to Recyclo, Malaga’s first Bike-Café. It’s kind of hard to express what we are exactly, because we are an ever changing revolution. However, we do know where we come from and where we’re heading, and we enjoy what we do.

Recyclo Bike-Shop has been working away in Malaga’s cyclist scene since 2005, making the little ‘Local’ in Pedregalejo a must-drop-by spot for many pedal-fiends.

We are now decided to grow, and share a new space with anyone who wants to join in. You can come in and fix, rent or purchase a bike. You can also eat and drink the freshest, delivered daily with love, simplicity and perfectionism.

The Bike-Café offers a space for you to chill and take it easy after a ride, just pop in and say hi!, work on your lap-top, listen to some beats, show your art-work… Above all you’ll find a friendly community of people who share a lifestyle, who appreciate our own rhythm.

To recycle is to recover, give things another life. We aim at recovering bicycles as our transport; recover the local Café as a meeting point, a space for gatherings and activism that transform the city in which we live. Come in a talk to us.

Join us on our ride!