Recyclo Bike Team

Hi, I´m David. I´m from LA, but have been in Malaga for 10 years, and in Recyclo for 8. I was a messenger for a few years and participated in a few races and brevets.

I have traveled around California, India, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Gremany on my bike. I like good beer, mountains, veggie burritos, sail boats, adventure, and all types of bicycles. I almost always have black fingernails. I have too many bikes to list here.

David 'El Rubio' Weber. aka The Arcadia Express.

Greg Mills
Recyclo Bike Team

I'm Greg Mills. London. Certified bicycle mechanic (Cytech), ex-bike messenger. I have worked for several years in the bike trade in London and I have been living in Málaga, and working at Recyclo for four years.

In 2008 I rode my bike from London to Málaga. Nowadays I mainly ride road bikes and fixed gear. My bikes include: Calfee Bamboo Road Pro, Van Nicholas Amazon Rohloff, Felt F4, Brompton S1, Fixie. My passions outside of cycling include birdwatching and Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Greg 'El Flaco' Mills. aka 'El Cockney Boqueron

Recyclo Bike Team

Alex was born in Mendoza, Argentina, and has been riding BMX since he was 15. These days Alex enjoys riding track, road and gravel as well as competing in BMX.

A vastly experienced mechanic with a positive outlook and a knack for problem solving. Other interests included music, healthy eating and rock climbing.

Alex (Pitu) Alcojor

Recyclo Bike Team

Hi, I’m Nicolas Naranjo, I’m from Mendoza, Argentina. At 8 years old I got my first BMX and since then it’s been my biggest passion. In 2008 I got to Malaga to carry on riding.

I have been lucky enough to live as a bike mechanic since I arrived and I enjoy what I do very much. I fight for a world with less cars and more bikes!!

Come on!

Recyclo Bike Team

Hi, I’m Patrick. I’m from…I never knew what to reply to that. Half Spanish, half English, with a bit of Irish, Basque, Argentinian, German, Polish!

I studied Psychology, and did a Masters in Bars. I rediscovered cycling when I lived in Poland, and it has been my favorite transport ever since. Back in Malaga, I’m out to participate, create, ride, and contribute. I love all bikes, no preferences.

It’s always been that way: I do a bit of everything, without doing too much of anything!

Carlos "Paddy"