The specialist Workshop of Recyclo

We repair all types of bikes, road bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, fixed-gear, single-speed, track, and hipster bikes

Competition or department store bikes, bring it on.

Sustainability and reusing is a integral part of our philosophy. While sometimes changing a component is an easier job, we generally try to repair first.

We give a very special priority to people traveling by bike and to dedicated urban cyclists. In many situations we can provide a courtesy bike while yours is in the shop.

Workshop prices

Services Price
Professional Maintenance: Basically we disassemble, clean and rebuild your bike. Includes, truing the wheels, cleaning and repacking hubs and bottom brackets, installing cables, brakes pads, etc. Parts are extra. 60,00 €
Basic Tune up: We adjust the brakes, derailleurs, headsets and wheel bearing. Lube the chain and cables. Replace worn out stuff if needed. Parts are extra. 25,00 €
Cleaning (depends on the bike) 10,00 €
Adjust brakes and brake pads. 13,00 €
Adjust gears / shifting. 13,00 €
Bleed a brake. 13,00 €
labor for replacing an innertube. 4,50 €
Fix a flat – rear wheel with coaster brake, internal gears and/or chain guard. 12,00 €
True a wheel (+ 0.50 € per spoke) 10,00 €
Adjust cups n cones 5,00 €
Hub revision (open, repack) labor starts at: 8,00 €
Change or install fork. 15,00 €
Change tire. 4,50 €
Adjust head set. 5,00 €
Put on a new chain or fix broken one. 5,00 €
Change or remove cassette or freewheel. 6,00 €
Change or service bottom bracket.. 13,00 €
Assemble bike or swap frame. 60,00 €
Install rack or mud guards. 10,00 €
Install misc. accessories. 3,00 €
Sand blast and paint frame and fork (1 color) (not incl. disassembly and reassembly) 120,00 €
General hourly labour rate for misc. things. 30,00 €

* All prices include V.A.T.